What to Expect

What to Expect When Becoming a New Patient of Pacific Coast Osteopathy:

Generally, a new patient visit will last between one and a half and two hours. During the initial assessment an extensive history is obtained which provides much needed detail regarding past medical history, family history, medications, diet, and lifestyle. In addition our doctor will perform a Physical Examination, which includes an extensive Osteopathic Structural Examination. The initial visit will also include an Osteopathic Treatment which will last from 40 to 50 minutes and may vary based on the discretion of the physician. Every treatment is different because each person is different.

During the exam and treatment you will remain fully clothed. We do ask that you wear thin, loose fitting clothing and avoid thick clothing and or jeans. This allows the physician to get proper contact with the body.

Once the structural examination is complete, you will lay down on the treatment table and the physician will begin the osteopathic treatment. During this time you will feel only very gentle palpation and movements. Although Osteopathic Physicians are trained in high velocity low amplitude methods, cracking, these methods are rarely used in our office.

Our practice is a Specialty Care office and will not replace your current Primary Care Physician. We ask that our patients retain a Primary Care office for their normal physicals, examinations, lab work, etc.

Our practice does accept Medicare. Our providers accept straight Medicare and do not take managed care or HMO Medicare. We do not contract with any other insurance companies and are a fee for service office. Largely due to the amount of time we spend with each patient. Thank you for considering us in your path to Optimal Wellness.