Pacific Coast Osteopathy Testimonials

I was experiencing significant discomfort in my neck and shoulders when I was given a referral from a friend of mine who was a patient of Pacific Coast Osteopathy. I was able to get a convenient appointment with Dr. Babayan to discuss my issues. Dr. Babayan examined me and outlined a treatment plan that would reduce the pain and range of motion issues I was having. After my first appointment I felt so much better. The subsequent treatments eliminated the issues I had been dealing with since my high school foot ball days. I would strongly recommend Dr. Babayan. He has made a significant difference in my life.

Bill C.

Hello my name is Stephanie and I started seeing Dr. Ashrafzadeh at Pacific Osteopathic about 3 months ago. I have been a healthy person for many years but I could not move out of old digestive issues and migraines. I am 49 and had always varying degrees of these issues with nervousness. I have found collaborating with Dr. Ash profound in life. Her gentle and powerful touch combined with her supportive words in kind ways makes for a healing experience beyond words but one that you will experience forever more. I also find her care excellent in my general up keep and well being. Unlike a regular medical appointment with doctors who are too busy to connect and hear you, this amazing office completely listens and includes you in the visit. I see this office and the two doctors here as my/our primary care physician now for myself and my 3 children. The best, attentive and effective treatments I have ever experienced continues to come from my appointments with Dr. Ashrafzadeh. I am forever grateful for her in my life. She is a gift.

Stephanie L.

My name is Janett, I am 21 years old. I’ve had back problems since I was 13 years old, I started to have severe stomach problems and started becoming allergic to many foods at age 17. I also had other minor health issues and I went to many doctors for my stomach and went to the chiropractor for about 7 years and my back problems never went away nor my stomach problems. Thankfully I came across Pacific Coast Osteopathy on yelp and I went and in less than ONE year all of my health issues are gone, my back pain…. gone, stomach issues… gone. Even my health got so much better overall! I am so much more energetic and vital and I have never felt so healthy in my life! Not only that but Dr. Ash is the sweetest person ever! I will forever be grateful to have found her and Osteopathy. It will change your whole life for the better, Just like it changed mine. So truly grateful!

Janett G.

For years my menstrual cycle has been unpredictable,ranging from 35 to 50+days. This has made it very difficult for my husband and I to track ovulation and after years of trying to conceive we were ready to resort to fertility treatments. After working with Dr. Babayan for a couple of months, I’ve already seen results. My past two cycles were 28 and 30 days. Im confident we will have a baby announcement very soon!

Patricia S.

My 2.5 year old son had fluid in his ears that would not go away. Our ENT said that if it did not clear we were going to have to put tubes in his ear (via surgery).

In an effort to prevent surgery, I visited Dr Ash. After spending 1 session with her, our ENT said that the fluid had 95% cleared. We literally had a visit with an ENT on Wednesday (fluid was still there), visited Tina on Thursday for a treatment, and then at our Friday ENT visit the fluid was almost all gone.

I’m so grateful to her for her work! Thank you!

Kim G.