About Pacific Coast Osteopathy

Pacific Coast Osteopathy physicians - Dr. Hovsep Babayan and Dr. Tina Ashrafzadeh

Pacific Coast Osteopathy was founded in 2012 by a husband and wife team, Dr. Hovsep Babayan and Dr. Tina Ashrafzadeh. Together our doctors wanted to establish a practice using Traditional Osteopathy in order to bring about true healing for their patients. Creating a space dedicated to wellness was based on incorporating a truly genuine holistic approach. It was imperative to our doctors that each patient be addressed from the mind, body and spirit perspective.

Our Doctors practice with the knowledge that Health and Wellness are an intricate balance of awareness of one’s own mind, body and spirit. In order to be healthy and strive, a person must be in touch with each part of their balanced system. Dr Ashrafzadeh and Dr. Babayan believe that Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is a powerful avenue for obtaining this balance. When a body is in balance physiologically and anatomically, the psychological and spiritual self can reach optimal health. Maintaining this balance is the key to preventative health.

As licensed and board certified physicians in Family Medicine and OMM, Pacific Coast Osteopathy doctors strive to give their patients the highest level of care, incorporating the best of Western Medicine with the traditional tenets of Osteopathic Medicine and healing.