Hello my name is Stephanie and I started seeing Dr. Ashrafzadeh at Pacific Osteopathic about 3 months ago. I have been a healthy person for many years but I could not move out of old digestive issues and migraines. I am 49 and had always varying degrees of these issues with nervousness. I have found collaborating with Dr. Ash profound in life. Her gentle and powerful touch combined with her supportive words in kind ways makes for a healing experience beyond words but one that you will experience forever more. I also find her care excellent in my general up keep and well being. Unlike a regular medical appointment with doctors who are too busy to connect and hear you, this amazing office completely listens and includes you in the visit. I see this office and the two doctors here as my/our primary care physician now for myself and my 3 children. The best, attentive and effective treatments I have ever experienced continues to come from my appointments with Dr. Ashrafzadeh. I am forever grateful for her in my life. She is a gift.

Stephanie L.,