My name is Janett, I am 21 years old. I’ve had back problems since I was 13 years old, I started to have severe stomach problems and started becoming allergic to many foods at age 17. I also had other minor health issues and I went to many doctors for my stomach and went to the chiropractor for about 7 years and my back problems never went away nor my stomach problems. Thankfully I came across Pacific Coast Osteopathy on yelp and I went and in less than ONE year all of my health issues are gone, my back pain…. gone, stomach issues… gone. Even my health got so much better overall! I am so much more energetic and vital and I have never felt so healthy in my life! Not only that but Dr. Ash is the sweetest person ever! I will forever be grateful to have found her and Osteopathy. It will change your whole life for the better, Just like it changed mine. So truly grateful!

Janett G.,